UFC Fight Night. Belfast.

Kyoji Horiguchi VS Ali Bagautinov

Horiguchi was great and superquick last fights but Ali before problems with USADA was top-5 in the division and still in a game, cant miss these odds

Ali Bagautinov 2.55 $200 pinnacle


Artem Lobov VS Teruto Ishihara

I want to say smth like Lobov is such a loser and had to be fired before last fight but stayed prob thanx to McGregor power he is training with, so I cant really understand how the guy being around so great fighters like Conor and Page can be so bad. Fight is almost at home, next door country versus not wrestler which is week side of Lobov, Ishihara is not really checked by good oposition so far, he got good wins but those 2 fighters are faraway from being called really competitive.

Artem Lobov 3.15 $200 pinnacle

Sum up:
2016:  +4 =0 -7 $-828